Brulkikkers op sterk water, hulp gevraagd !!

Rudiments, technische oefening? Hier kan je ze ruilen.

Brulkikkers op sterk water, hulp gevraagd !!

Berichtdoor Gertjanhamoen » Za 06 Okt 2012, 14:04

One day, the slaughter of students of the Confucius was a very strange question to ask: "teacher, a gentleman, if our schemes he ' fell in the well! ’ Did he immediately jump down to save people? "Confucius frown replied: " How wills it? Gentleman would immediately rush to look at, but not confused on the way down, the gentleman can be tricked, but do not be fooled. ”
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Value of this dialogue is not in the technical content of this problem is there to kill, nor whether the gentleman is Confucius into the answer to saving lives, but Confucius "gentleman can be spoofed, but do not be fooled" point of view.
It is interesting, Mencius also hold this view. Mencius ' saying: "gentlemen can fraud in its favor. ”In other words, the gentleman can be a legitimate reason to deceive, with reasonable scam to deceive.
Cite an example of Mencius. Zhen Zip, is a ran de man, the wisdom of man, Confucius told his brain, also praised he is "bequest". One day, someone sent them a fish alive, mercy, let his servant into the courtyard in the fish pond set free, the man is himself secretly cooking the fish home to eat. The next day, seeing he Zip, asked, "that fish released yet? ”He said, " has been released to the pool. "In order to increase the credibility of the lie, he went on to invent said: " the fish, very funny. Beginning in the water, half-dead; after a while, it restored the angry, toss its head and tail walk. "Zip heard this, very happy: " as members! Carried out! "At last--the fish has gone to the place where it should go.
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The small fish eats lying collectors is a villain. He was also triumphant on someone: "who says smart it? I obviously went into the belly fish, rain praises on him, and it’s ridiculous. ”
What is ridiculous is the servant abhorrent? Let him put the fish, after he promised to not only fail to do so, contrary to the commitments, Mockingbird part lies, makes sense. A person, trust in him as someone stupid, so he wants others to think of him as kind of person is it?
Rightly trusting, not only is benevolent, and also wise. Before he was the villain cheat, had stood in little people unable to reach high places.
Reasonable lies to cheat others, is not only given to flattery, are fools. Before him at the expense of others, their first since the fall.
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Gentleman does not doubt the legitimate stuff, without calling into question the sense--because, basic trust maintains a social bottom line, even more important than preventing deception.
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